Arbutus Swimming Pool Removal

Carroll Brothers was contracted to do this swimming pool removal by a new homeowner who had no use for the existing structure. The homeowner bought the house two years prior and decided she did not want the pool. The old, run-down pool was an eye-sore and drastically limited the backyards potential for an entertainment area. Our first step was to drain the pool and hot tub. We then demolished the existing gunite concrete on the bottom and side of the pool. The rubble was removed and remaining hole filled in and leveled.

arbutus pool removal
arbutus pool removal 2

The homeowner had a unique idea to re-purpose the existing hot tub structure into a flower bed. We kept the structure and filled it with soil to support healthy vegetation. The new flower bed will now support a myriad of spring flowers and plants creating an aesthetically pleasing backyard focal point.

arbutus pool removal 3
arbutus pool removal 4

The homeowner was ecstatic about the resulting size of the yard. We were able to keep the sidewalk leading to the garage intact and the hot tub made for a perfectly sized flower bed. Carroll Brothers was pleased to meet their requests and was able to finish the project in just a few days. If you recently purchased a home and are need of a swimming pool removal, contact Carroll Bros. Contracting to schedule an estimate. Our services are affordable, reliable, fast and guaranteed.

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