Calvert County Pool Removal

Calvert County Pool Removal

This in-gound pool was only eight years old, which is young in the life of an in-ground pool. However, unfortunately, the home was in foreclosure. Hence, the property sat vacant for over 2 years. During this time the pool fell into serious disrepair.

Carroll Bros. Contracting was contacted by an investment company that was seeking to refurbish the home with the intention of turning it around and selling it. This Calvert County Pool removal is a case similar to what we see and hear all the time. As you can see in the image below, while overgrown the yard itself has amazing potential. The home features an attractive deck in addition to a lovely tree-lined perimeter.

Calver County pool removal BEFORE

This Calver County pool removal involved a property that sat vacant for two years due to a foreclosure.

Worth the Investment

Real estate investors understand that repairs to a defunct pool often cost more than the pool is worth. Having an inground pool removed is a minor investment that will result in a higher resale value of property. While there are homeowners who find a pool to be an attractive feature, consequently, most potential buyers are turned off.

There are many advantages to removing a pool. The most noteworthy is having a large backyard that is in excellent shape. As a result, the homeowner can envision their own use for the yard. Whether for outdoor entertaining, a playground for their children or to allow for additions to the home.

Calvert County pool removal AFTER

This Calvert County pool removal shows the amazing results and the potential for a beautiful new yard.

An Attractive Feature

Carroll Bros. Contracting broke up the concrete and hauled away all of the debris. Afterward, we filled in the hole with quality fill and top soil for proper drainage. Next, the team regraded the entire yard, ensuring a uniform surface. Lastly, we lay down grass seed and straw to encourage grass to grow and prevent erosion. The result is a beautiful backyard filled with endless possibilities.

As a property investor, you can now see the value in investing in pool removal. You will most certainly increase the property value, therefore not only recovering your investment but yield a nice profit. If you are considering an investment that involves a situation similar to this Calver County Pool removal, contact us today. Also, learn more about the steps we take to ensure the property stays beautiful.

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