Code Violations and Swimming Pool Removal

Code Violations and Swimming Pool Removal

Unkept pools are a hazard and can just be way too expensive to maintain or fix. If you find yourself in this problem, call Carroll Bros. Contracting today. We specialize in pool removal and are MHIC Licensed.

Homeowners will hire us for swimming pool removal for various reasons. One cause for concern is a county code violation. Within Maryland, the individual counties have County Property Maintenance Codes. While most are similar, there are variances.

What is the process for code violations and swimming pool removal?

More than likely the process begins with a neighbor or home owner’s association making a complaint about a grossly overgrown yard, strewn with excessive debris. There are at least three departments that can issue warnings and citations for non-compliance of County Property Maintenance Codes.

1. Department of Public Works

This department is responsible for inspecting a complaint of excessively unmaintained plants and lawns. Overgrown weeds are not only an eyesore but cause for public safety as it will encourage excessive insects and vermin to breed. These creatures can be carriers of diseases transmittable to humans, so their populations need to be controlled.

2. Department of Licenses & Permits

This department is responsible for issuing permits and violations regarding drain covers and enclosures. If a pool is not up to code for proper safety and equipment covers, the homeowners could be issued a violation. Not having the correct enclosure for your pool could also mean a violation.

3. Department of Health

This department is responsible for maintaining standards for pool covers and healthy water. It is a drowning hazard if the pool is not properly covered after the season is over. Swimming pools filled with stagnant water become breeding grounds for mosquitos, and therefore, a public health issue.

All three departments may be called in to perform their own thorough inspection. If issues are found, they issue a warning or written violation to take care of the complaint. Upon automatic reinspection, if the problem is not addressed, citations will be issued. If the issues continue, court is usually next. So now, in addition to the citations, the homeowners would be responsible for court fees and possible fines.

Don’t let it get to this point.

If you have received a County Property Maintenance Code violation due to your property or pool being in disrepair, contact Carroll Bros. Contracting. You can trust our swimming pool removal services to be done right, every time. We are MHIC Licensed and guarantee all work will comply with county regulations. Contact us today for a fair estimate.

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