Columbia Pool Removal

Columbia Pool Removal

A family recently bought this hoe in Columbia, Maryland. The back yard had an old in ground pool in major disrepair. Plus, the yard was uneven and filled with any steeps and slopes. Both aspects made it difficult for the children to play and enjoy the back yard.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Columbia, MD pool removal

Columbia pool removal DEMO

The family contacted Carroll Bros. Contracting and together everyone formulated a strategy to create a yard that would be better for family activities and entertaining. The concrete was broken up and used as fill for the pool. The pool was filled in and the entire yard was regraded to create a space that is now level and more usable. The family is now able to enjoy their yard, and experience a sense of peace knowing their children can play safely. Together we were able to bring life back into the yard.

Columbia, MD pool removal

Columbia pool removal AFTER

If your backyard is unusable because of steep and uneven slopes or a pool that is in disrepair, contact Carroll Bros. Contracting. We are the premier in ground pool removal company in Columbia and the Chesapeake Bay area. Our prices are comparable and you can trust our reliable service. Contact us today for a consultation.

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