Complete Site Work for a New Home

Complete Site Work for a new home

While most of our jobs are removing pools or removing other aspects from yards and rebuilding/grading the yard, Carroll Bros offers many other services, including this Complete Site Work for a new home on Kent Island on Marylands Eastern Shore.

This was a brand new lot, located in Stevensville, and Carroll Bros was brought in to do all the site work for the job. We started by grading out the construction entrance, where all the contractors would use to access the property. Then we installed silt fence around the entire property, and around all the construction aspects of the property. We then got to work, working hand in hand with the builder to excavate the foundation, so they could start their process of building the homes foundation. Once the foundation was done we were back out to back fill and work on the grading of the property. Finally at completion we came back out to remove the silt fence and repair the yard where the construction entrance was located. While we are known for removing pools, Carroll Bros. does it all and can help on your next project.

Complete Site Work for a New Home

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