Concrete Pool Removal in Odenton Maryland

Most of the times, homeowners or banks want a pool removed from a property because the pool is no longer functional, however that was not the case for this concrete pool removal in Odenton Maryland.

Before Concrete Pool Removal in Odenton Maryland

As you can see from the photo below, this pool raised itself out of the ground, and once an inground pool does that you have one choice, remove the pool. This homeowner used the pool frequently and took great care of the pool, however because of an unknown leak, after the pool was drained and closed for the winter, the leak allowed ground water to push the pool up and out of the ground. The homeowner used and loved the pool but unfortunately had no option but to have the pool removed and gave Carroll Bros a call.

After Concrete Pool Removal in Odenton Maryland

Carroll Bros, came in and removed the concrete pool structure, and broke it up into small enough pieces to be loaded and removed from the job site. We then removed the surrounding patio, and filled the hole and graded the entire yard. Once we were done grading we put down top soil, seed and straw. While the homeowner wasn’t happy to have to remove the pool, we cleaned up the mess of the backyard after the pool popped out of the ground. At least this homeowner was able to regain their backyard instead of having to look at the eye sore that was the raised out of the ground pool.

If you have an in-ground pool that your family has outgrown or has fallen into disrepair, call Carroll Bros. Contracting and Pool Removal. Our team will evaluate your situation and offer a fair estimate. Most importantly, you can trust us to work efficiently and quickly. That way, you can reclaim your backyard space. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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