Concrete Pool Removal in Towson Maryland

For this Concrete Pool Removal in Towson Maryland you will see one of the more dramatic before and after pictures we’ve every posted. From first glance, this pool was a wreck, when you examine it closer you can tell this pool wasn’t used or maintained for many years, so the home owner who was trying to sell the house gave Carroll Bros a call.

Before Concrete Pool Removal in Towson Maryland

This pool couldn’t even be considered a pool anymore it was in such decay, the homeowner hadn’t used it in years, and when it was used it was already falling apart. The homeowner did a bunch of work to the inside and outside of the house in attempt to sell the property and after talking with their realtor decided to the pool had to go.

After Concrete Pool Removal in Towson Maryland

Can you imagine trying to sell a house with the before picture as your backyard? The homeowner said people loved the house but as soon as they walked about back their visit ended and no one was putting in offers on the house. Carroll Bros came in and removed the Pool, Brick Patio and fencing around the pool, filled the hole in with fill dirt, top soil seed and straw. After the grass grew the home owner started receiving multiple offers to buy the house!

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