Concrete Pool Removal on Kent Island Maryland

Carroll Brothers Contracting can be found doing work all over Maryland, however for this concrete pool removal on Kent Island Maryland, we were right around the corner from our own backyard.

Before Concrete Pool Removal on Kent Island Maryland

This homeowner hadn’t used their pool for 15+ years, to the point weeds and plants were growing through the concrete shell of the pool. The pool was delipidated, falling apart and was left uncovered and unsafe in the homeowners backyard. Neighbors were happy to see this pool go and thanked us as they passed by, while we were working. Animals were living in the pool shell, and the mosquitoes from the standing water made this home and surrounding homes hard to enjoy during warm weather. The home owner finally decided after 15 years to get this pool out of their yard and regain their property to enjoy.

Before Concrete Pool Removal on Kent Island Maryland

After Concrete Pool Removal on Kent Island Maryland

As you can see this pool was in the middle of the homewoners property, so they really had no yard to enjoy. Carroll Bros. came in and removed the pool and surrounding concrete patio. We then filled the hole with dirt, and regraded their backyard, we then added top soil, seed and straw. The homeowner was ecstatic and happy to finally have their yard back and able to enjoy it. The neighbors might have been happier than the homeowner as the unsafe pool was gone, the animals living in the broken pool shell were gone and the mosquitoes were finally gone, now the home owner as well as their neighbors can enjoy all of their backyards again.

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