Ellicott City Inground Pool Removal

Ellicott City Inground Pool Removal

The owners of this Ellicott City home contacted Carroll Bros. Contracting to remove their inground pool, which had created a major issue in their backyard. The gunite concrete pool, while only 10 years old had developed cracks. Throughout the years stormwater seeped underneath and collected, which caused the pool to heave up and out of the ground. Because the pool lifted out of the ground, the owners had serious issues with their plumbing and it led to pipes breaking. The result was that the entire pool had to be removed.


Notice that during demolition, like in this Ellicott City inground pool removal, we are careful not to disturb much of the surrounding yard.

Our experienced and mindful team understood the scope of the project but made sure to disturb as little of the well established and groomed back yard as possible. We made sure to carefully break up the concrete and meticulously gather and haul away every piece of debris. Since the entire structure lifted out of the ground, that also included removing the steel framing and rebar structure. In an effort to be sustainable and environmentally friendly we will recycle whatever materials we are able.

Ellicott City Inground Pool Removal

We break up all of the concrete around and in the pool with the drill and excavator. We then haul away the debris, recycling what we can.

Once the pool was removed, we filled it with top soil and regraded the yard for proper drainage. After we regrade the yard, we then plant grass seed and cover with straw. This helps promote grass growth and a healthy yard to prevent erosion.

Notice a Problem? We Can Help!

If you notice your pool has lifted out of the ground, like this Ellicott City inground pool removal project, it could mean there are cracks in the structure. Contact us, we can help. The skilled Carroll Bros. technicians pride themselves in fast, efficient, cautious work.


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