Glen Burnie Inground Pool Removal

Glen Burnie Inground Pool Removal

This property was foreclosed upon, and bought by investors as a rehab project. They contacted Carroll Bros. Contracting regarding the inground pool removal. There were a number of issues with the pool. For instance, the vinyl liner was severely damaged and the filtration system needed upgrading. In addition, the elevation of the pool was creating major drainage issues. See the before and after images of this Glen Burnie inground pool removal below.

Glen Burnie Inground Pool removal - BEFORE

This Glen Burnie inground pool removal was part of a foreclosed home rehab. The elevation of the pool was causing it to leak into the yard.

The Advantages of Inground Pool Removal

The investors intended to rehab the entire home and knew that the pool, even if repaired would be a liability, especially if it were used as a rental property. Smart investors also realize that a large, uncluttered backyard is attractive to potential buyers. This is a very common reason that we are contracted to remove pools.

For this project, we removed the liner and broke up the concrete and metal framework. The team hauled away the debris, recycling what we could. We then backfilled the pool with top soil and regraded the yard for proper drainage. The last step was to spread grass seed and straw to promote grass growth and prevent erosion.

In all, the project was completed in a few days, and the results were exceptional. On a final note, this project was completed in January. While you may think you cannot have a pool removed in winter, this is not so. Here in the Chesapeake region, the winters are mild. And, while we may get a major snow storm or two, the ground never freezes so deep that pool removal is impossible.

Glen Burnie Inground Pool removal - AFTER

The owners of the home wanted to create an uncluttered, clean backyard. This is more attractive to potential buyers.

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