Home Demo in Cape St. Claire

While the majority of our projects include pools, there are times we are contracted to do demolition. This was just the case for this Cape St. Claire home. It was recently purchased for its attractive piece of land, but the structure was unlivable. The house was built in the 1960’s and the foundation was failing. This caused a myriad of issues throughout the building, thus, the cost to repair and renovate the home were astronomical, and not worth it.

Home Demo in Cape St. Claire

Carroll Bros. Contracting was contacted about this home demo in Cape St. Claire. It was a recent purchase and the foundation was failing. The home was demolished and a new foundation dug.

The homeowners contacted Carrol Bros. Contracting to demolish the home and excavate a foundation for new home construction. The demo took approximately 2 days to knock the home down and haul the debris way. Our crew immediately began digging the foundation, even as they were clearing the rubbish. This made for and efficient timeline and allowed for the project to be complete in about three days. Being able to turn this around quickly allowed the homeowner to bring in the builders for the new home.

If you are interesting in removing a structure because it is in disrepair or have recently purchased an amazing piece of property with the intention of knocking down the home and starting new, Contact Carrol Bros. Contracting. Our team has years of experience. We will complete your project in a timely manner so that you may move on quickly to the next stage of construction. Contact us today to schedule your estimate!

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