Pool Removal in Ashton, MD

Vinyl Liner Pool Removal in Ashton, MD

This vinyl liner pool was over 25 years old. The homeowners had never used the pool for the entire time they have occupied the property. The pool had fallen into major disrepair and had become an eyesore. In fact. it was so neglected and overgrown that it had trees growing out of it!

Pool Removal in Ashton, MD Before

This pool removal in Ashton, MD involved a 25-year-old pool that had trees growing out of it!

The owners knew for years that they wanted to have the pool removed, however, they imagined the cost would be astronomical. Finally, they felt they could not put it off any longer and called Carroll Bros. Contracting for an estimate. They were astounded that our total cost was well within their budget and scheduled the project right away.

Pool Removal in Ashton, MD after

The owners of the property for this pool removal in Ashton, MD were thrilled with the results.

The project only took a few days. It started with our team removing the vinyl liner and the steel framework. We tore down the old fence, too. Then we hauled all debris off site and recycled what we could. Lastly, we backfilled the hole and regraded the yard, finishing with grass seed and straw.

If you have questions regarding removing a pool that has become an eyesore in your backyard, please Contact Carroll Bros. Contracting. Like these homeowners, you may be pleasantly surprised at how low the cost for pool removal actually is! Don’t wait any longer, schedule an estimate and learn how you can take back your yard. 

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