Pool Removal in Ellicott City

This pool removal in Ellicott City was typical for the area. This pool was installed in the 1960’s, as was many homes in this historic Maryland town. Fifty years later, you can image the concrete block structure has deteriorated. The pool had become an unpleasant site and inconvenience for the homeowners. There was also a small pool house that had fallen into disrepair because there was no real use for it. The homeowner’s contracted Carroll Bros. Contracting for a consultation to remove the pool.

Having a dilapidated pool in your yard is hazardous and it should be removed for a number of reasons.

Carroll Bros Contracting Pool Removal in Ellicott City

The pool was over 50 years old and desperately needed to be filled in and the pool house removed.


While this seems obvious, it needs to be stated, that having a half-filled or empty pool in your backyard is a major safety issue especially for children and pets.

Attracts pests

In the summer, a pool filled with stagnant water will attract mosquitos and potentially create a health issue. Frogs, raccoons, and other vermin may also find their way into your abandoned pool.

Leaking and freezing

If the concrete is cracked, even when the pool is empty, during a storm water could leak under the pool and cause it to  lift out of the ground.


An old pool can require more maintenance and that can be an unnecessary cost. It also inhibits you from being able to enjoy your backyard, especially if it isn’t frequently used. For many of these exact reasons, homeowners call Carroll Bros. Contracting to demolish and fill in their pools. We either recycle the materials or reuse them when appropriate, to fill in the pool.  It is important to make sure you use a professional for this as not to create a situation where your yard will sink in. After this pool removal in Ellicott City, the yard was then regraded and grass seed planted to ensure proper drainage and prevent erosion.

If you have a pool that is old and beyond repair contact Carroll Bros. Contracting today for more information.

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