Pool Removal in Fallston

Pool Removal in Fallston

One of our recent projects was an inground concrete pool removal in Fallston, Maryland. The new homeowners no longer wanted the pool because it was in a bad location and was in terrible shape. As a result, the owners contacted Carroll Bros. Contracting, and we formulated a plan for the best course of action.


We ultimately decided to demolish the entire pool. Also, there was a lot of overgrown vegetation that took over the retaining walls and fencing included in this project. We hauled away all the concrete from the pool structure to a recycling facility once the demolition was complete. We also made a drastic change to the backyard in elevation and landscape to make it more usable. The included the removal of old plants, weeds, stairs, and fencing that allowed a more open, spacious backyard.

Pool Removal in Fallston Before

The pool was originally placed in an odd location, too close to the home, and the homeowners opted to completely remove it.

Pool Removal in Fallston - Stairs

The homeowners also wanted to get rid of the run-down stairs, fencing, and landscaping in the backyard.

Pool Removal and Demo in Fallston


As you can see, the pool removal process was a success, and the homeowners are very pleased. The transformation was quite drastic, as the family now has a newly designed open canvas. All in all, the backyard space is theirs to develop however they should choose. They may decide to regrow the lawn or even create an entertaining area.

Falston Pool Removal

Falston Pool Removal

It is hard to believe that this is the same home. The transformation is night and day.

Are you are tired of paying maintenance and repair costs for an inground pool you no longer use? Contact Carroll Bros. Contracting team. We are thorough and efficient. Give us a call today to schedule an estimate in Fallston or throughout Maryland.

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