Queenstown Pool Removal

Queenstown Pool Removal

One of our most recent projects was a Queenstown pool removal in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. The new homeowners were anxious to start the process of removing the inground vinyl liner swimming pool. Upon purchasing the home, they found out that it was in bad shape and had not been in use for several years. Interestingly, this was one of the first projects for the homeowners, as the entire property was undergoing a complete transformation. Additionally, the property was on the water and the homeowners wanted to maximize the views and space in their backyard. So, once the couple contacted Carroll Brothers Contracting, we started the process of planning the pool removal.


Queenstown pool removal

The homeowners began the first step in a total home renovation with the removal of their backyard pool.


The first step in the Queenstown pool removal was to peel off and remove the vinyl liner. This vinyl liner swimming pool was constructed with the concrete block for walls. Typically, vinyl liner pools are constructed with metal walls, either galvanized steel or aluminum. Then, we demolished the entire pool area including all of the concrete decking and chain-link fencing. After that, we hauled away the materials, and the yard was re-graded with topsoil to match the existing landscape. Overall, the results of the pool removal display a revitalized and spacious backyard for the new homeowners to begin anew.

Queenstown pool removal 2

The pool removal was a success, and the homeowners are excited to have a blank slate.

If you have an in-ground pool that your family has outgrown or has fallen into disrepair, call Carroll Bros. Contracting and Pool Removal. Our team will evaluate your situation and offer a fair estimate. Most importantly, you can trust us to work efficiently and quickly. That way, you can reclaim your backyard space. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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