Swimming Pool Removal in Howard County, Maryland

Swimming Pool Removal in Howard County, Maryland

While Maryland’s weather can be unpredictable, we do get our fair share of precipitation. This inground swimming pool removal in Howard County was necessary because the vinyl liner was installed improperly.

As we have come across time and time again, the cost of fixing a pool can be expensive. Some homeowners decide it isn’t worth keeping on top of the costs to maintain the pool. This was a similar conclusion for our homeowners of this Howard County swimming pool. The improper installation of the vinyl liner made it so rain water would run into the pool. In addition, their yard was also graded incorrectly. This made the swimming pool hard to keep clean and maintain.

Before Backyard with Pool
swimming pool removal in Howard County before

While the structure for this Howard County pool removal appears to be in newer condition, it was installed incorrectly, thus creating many issues.

Therefore, the pool needed to be removed and the backyard regraded. It is a service we do for our clients after a pool removal because of the importance of keeping water away from the house and potentially causing flooding issues. Again, Maryland get’s it’s fair share of rain and snow. If a yard is graded wrong, the ground will slant toward your house, not away as it should. It is always best to correct this before any water damage can occur.

After Backyard Regraded
swimming pool removal in Howard County after image

After removing a retaining wall and pool house, the homeowners of this swimming pool now have a new big backyard!

Carroll Bros. regraded the yard after we also took down the retaining wall and pool shed. As you can see the results were great! A big back yard that they can use to entertain. If you are interested in learning more about pool removal or have questions about having your swimming pool removed, contact Carroll Bros. today.

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