Vinyl Liner Pool Removal in Baltimore County

Carroll Bros was recently contracted for this Vinyl Liner Pool Removal in Baltimore County. This home owner was so impressed with our work and how easy the machines were to maneuver in their back yard that they ended up contracting us for a lot more landscaping work than just the pool removal, completely reinventing their back yard.

Before Vinyl Liner Pool Removal in Baltimore County

This project started like many other, the home owners had recently purchased this home; and the property was a mess. The biggest part of the issue was the old non-functioning, not taken care of pool in the middle of their back yard. It was a vinyl liner pool, and was beyond saving; so Carroll Bros, came in and removed it in hopes of allowing this home to gain a backyard on the property they had just purchased.

After Vinyl Liner Pool Removal in Baltimore County

Once we removed the pool and all of the debris from the hole, we filled in the hole with dirt, top soil, seed and straw. Normally at this point our jobs are done, and we are off to the next pool removal; however the home owner saw how easy we maneuvered our machines in their back yard and they hired us to do a lot of landscaping projects they had on their to do list. Now not only was their yard clear of an old vinyl liner pool that wouldn’t function any longer but it was also, cleared of a ton of over grown landscaping that couldn’t have been removed by hand. This home owner who had recently purchased the property now has a completely redesigned and useable backyard.

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