Vinyl Liner Pool Removal in Bowie Maryland

For this project, it wasn’t a home owner but the bank who called Carroll Bros. for the vinyl liner pool removal in Bowie Maryland. The bank owned this property and were trying to get rid of the property as fast as possible, but knew they would have a hard time with the current status of the yard.

Before Vinyl Liner Pool Removal in Bowie Maryland

As you can see this yard was a mess, the pool wasn’t functioning at all and had gone through years and years of neglect. On top of it the yard/pool had major drainage issues, and all of the water would funnel towards the house leaving the backside wood structure of the house with lots of water damaged. We expressed our concerns to the bank about the drainage issues, when hired to remove the pool, as we didn’t want the same issue to be present after removing the pool.

After Vinyl Liner Pool Removal in Bowie Maryland

Carroll Bros removed the pool, being it was a vinyl liner pool all of debris had to come out of the hole and be filled with fresh dirt. From there we graded the entire back yard to make water funnel away from the house while also not pooling in the middle of the back yard. After all that was done we put down top soil, seed and straw. Once the back yard was completed the bank was able to get rid of this house much faster than in it original state.

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