Vinyl Liner Pool Removal In Prince George’s County Maryland

A lot of the time, Carroll Bros is contacted by banks, and not home owners; and that was the case for this Vinyl Liner Pool Removal in Prince’s George’s County Maryland. The bank recently took possession of the home and in an attempt to get rid of the house faster they wanted the pool removed.

Before Vinyl Liner Pool Removal in Prince George’s County Maryland

When the bank came into possession of this property, they wanted the pool gone for an easier sale. The pool was beyond repair anyway and needed to be removed, because it was an eyesore. Prior to removing the pool the bank had a lot of work done to the house on the inside and exterior of the property, the contractors thought it would be a good idea to put all their debris in the pool instead of disposing of it, so the first thing we had to do was empty the pool and get it ready to be demoed.

After Vinyl Liner Pool Removal in Prince George’s County Maryland

Once we were able to get the pool removed, we removed the surrounding patio, filled the hole in with dirt, added top soil, seed and straw. The bank now had a property they could sell and a property that was sough after with out a pool in the backyard. While pools are a great idea, if they are not properly maintain they become and inoperable eye sore on your backyard, vinyl liner pools can break down where they are not repairable leaving you with a giant mess in your back yard Thanks knew they wouldn’t be able to sell this property if they didn’t remove the pool. They made the right call in calling Carroll Bros. Contracting.

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