Vinyl Swimming Pool Removal in Clinton, Maryland

This vinyl swimming pool removal in Clinton, Maryland was part of a home rehabilitation project. The property was purchased with the sole intention of remodeling and reselling. It is advantageous when reselling a home to remove the pool in the backyard. It is especially true if the pool is in disrepair, as was this one. Removing a pool can also positively affect the resale of a home in that it offers more option to potential buyers if the yard is a blank slate for them to decide what to do with.

vinyl swimming pool removal in Clinton, Maryland stage 1

The first stage in this pool removal was to break up and remove the concrete pool deck.

This was an old vinyl liner pool with a concrete patio/walkway surrounding it. The first step of demolition was to drain any excess water in the pool (not pictured). Our crew then proceeds to break up and remove the concrete patio. We move on to pulling out the old line and breaking up the framework of the pool. All debris is dug out and removed and then disposed of properly when necessary. Other times we are able to fill it in. It is important to consult an expert during this process, as your yard can sink in if not done properly.

The team hauled in topsoil to fill any holes and creating a level yard. After that, we plant grass seed and cover it with hay, as seen below. This serves to prevent erosion and encourages the growth of a fresh lawn in the backyard. The result is a clean, uncluttered space that offers new home owners to utilize however they choose, making the property more attractive for resale.

vinyl swimming pool removal in Clinton, Maryland complete

The final result of this pool removal is a beautiful space that is appealing to potential buyers.

If you have a pool that is in disrepair, or you are interested in a flipping home project similar to this vinyl swimming pool removal in Clinton, Maryland, contact Carroll Bros. Contacting for more information. We would be happy to schedule an appointment today!



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