Bethesda Inground Pool Removal

Bethesda Inground Pool Removal

This Bethesda inground pool removal involved more than just a pool! The homeowners also requested us to remove a pool house. In order to do this, we had to cut down and remove a large oak tree, too!

bethesda Inground pool removal

This Bethesda Inground pool removal involved a very old pool. The Pool deck was stained and overgrown with weeds.

This pool was surrounded by a large amount of concrete decking that had also fallen into a neglected state. It was a challenge for our team to break it all up and remove it. However, our technicians have years of experience and understand that a combination of careful technique and patience allows for the least amount of damage to the yard.

Bethesda Ingropund Pool removal

Once the concrete decking and pool were started, we set to work on demolishing the pool house.

Bethesda Inground Pool removal

Once all of the pool debris is hauled away it is time to get to work filling the hole.

After the oak tree was cut down and the pool house demolished, we then removed all of the pool’s concrete inner structure and deck, plus the steel framework. The debris from the pool house and tree were also hauled away. The team now sets out to fill in the hole left from the pool and regrade the yard.

Bethesda Inground pool removal

Once the yard is regraded after the pool removal the homeowners now have a great space for so many purposes.

After the yard is regraded, ensuring proper drainage, we then lay seed and straw. This encourages grass to grow and prevent erosion.

Bethesda Inground Pool removal

Here is another viewpoint of the Bethesda inground pool removal to show the pristine condition of the yard.

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This Bethesda inground pool removal is a perfect example of the diversity of the projects we have completed. No project is too simple or too complicated. If you have questions, contact Carroll Bros. Contracting. We can formulate a perfect plan to help you take back your yard.

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