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Carroll Bros. Contracting is the leading demolition company serving Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Annapolis, and the Baltimore metro area. From homes and buildings to concrete and asphalt driveways, you can rest assured that we have the equipment and expertise to handle all of your demolition needs quickly and professionally. Contact Us now for a free estimate.

Swimming Pool Removal

We remove all types of swimming pools including concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner pools. Whatever your reason for removing your swimming pool, you’ll want the assurance it is done properly. That way, it doesn’t become a long-term liability. We completely remove and excavate your swimming pool and fill and compact the area in layers to minimize settling.

House Demolition

Our team is insured and bonded. We will raze your entire structure and foundation with great care. Our demolition includes removal of all concrete and asphalt, disposal of the debris, filling in the excavation hole, and grading the site. You can be confident that our team will begin and end the job safely, with excellence, and promptly.

Our demolition includes:

  • removal of all concrete and asphalt
  • disposal of the debris
  • filling in the excavation hole
  • grading the site

You can be confident that our team will begin and end the job safely, with excellence, and promptly.

Sidewalk and Walkway 

Contact us if your sidewalks or walkways demonstrate widespread damage beyond thin, patchable cracks. We can quickly demolish and remove existing concrete, leaving your property graded and ready for the next step.

Removal of Concrete Structures

Our experienced staff will remove your structure with precision, taking great care not to cause damage to adjacent structures during the demolition process. The method includes safely transporting the concrete away from your property without causing any permanent harm.

Asphalt Driveway Removal

When frost, heat, weather, or other factors have damaged your driveway, our skilled team will remove the asphalt. When we complete the project, your property is properly graded and prepared for a fresh application.

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