Bowie Swimming Pool Removal

Bowie Swimming Pool Removal

This recent project was a vinyl liner pool removal in the city of Bowie, Maryland. Unsurprisingly, this project was no different than other swimming pool removals that we have done, as the pool was in bad shape and was no longer being used. Also, the homeowner was tired of pumping out the extra water every time it rained. Consequently, the homeowners decided to contact Carroll Bros. Contracting to permanently remove their pool and add space to their backyard.


Bowie Before 1

The homeowners were ready to move on from the continual maintenance that was necessary for owning a swimming pool.

The Final Product

The first step in removing the pool was to drain the remaining water out of the pool and remove the old cover. Then, we broke up the concrete surrounding the pool and hauled away all of the materials. We also corrected some drainage issues in the backyard of this home while removing the pool. We then regraded the yard and filled in the excess space with topsoil. The results of the project display a spacious, cozy backyard. Once the grass begins to grow in, the homeowners will be free to decorate and design the yard however they see fit.

Bowie After

Upon completion of the Bowie project, the homeowners are pleased to have a vast, open backyard space that is no longer bogged down by an old, unused swimming pool.

If you have an in-ground pool that your family has outgrown, has fallen into disrepair, or you have inherited and do not plan to use, call Carroll Bros. Contracting and Pool Removal. Our team will evaluate your situation and offer a fair estimate. Most importantly, you can trust us to work efficiently and quickly. That way, you can reclaim your backyard space. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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