Burtonsville Pool Removal

This Burtonsville Pool Removal addressed a common issue that many homeowners experience. The pool was in major disrepair and was being used less and less by the family, which we know is the number one reason people remove their swimming pools. They were beginning to question the expense of repairing, opening, and maintaining the pool. Plus the family repeatedly needed to purchase expensive safety covers.

Burtonsville Pool removal Before Pool

Before images of this Burtonsville pool, the structure was in major disrepair and hadn’t been used for some time.

The homeowners contacted Carroll Bros. Contracting and we formulated a plan to remove the pool, while keeping the architectural aspect of the elevated deck area in the back of the pool. We broke up the concrete, then disposed of the rubbish.

Burtonsville pool removal After

Our crew brought in topsoil, regraded, and planted grass seed to create a whole new yard.

Our crew then hauled in topsoil and regraded the yard, planting grass seed and laying hay. This is to encourage growth and prevent erosion. The section of the pool that remained was constructed using a raised Beam and coping. It was repurposed into an elevated patio that the children could use as a basketball court.

If you are interested in removing your pool, contact Carroll Bros. Contracting.  We will be able to assess your property, and formulate the perfect solution to make the most out of your backyard. Contact us today to schedule an estimate!


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