Concrete Pool Removal in Severn, Maryland

For this concrete pool removal in Severn, Maryland an avoidable circumstance led to us having to remove the swimming pool from this customers yard. This customer drained their pool, and because of ground water in the pool, the concrete shell being to lite with no water in it, actually raised out of the ground. Leaving it irreparable.

Before Concrete Pool Removal in Severn, Maryland

This pool was in decent condition, however the owner removed all the water from the pool, and the pool raised itself from the ground water below pushing up on the empty pool shell. Most newer concrete pool have plugs built into the bottom, that can be opened to allow ground water to flow through the plumbing and into the shell to prevent this from happening. However once the pool was raised from the ground, all the plumbing and steel structure are compromised and no longer functional.

After Concrete Pool Removal in Severn, Maryland

Carroll Bros. came in and removed the pool, shell and all plumbing and steel structure. We then filled the hole with dirt, top soil, seed and straw. This homeowner, no has a use able back yard instead of a non working pool sticking out of the ground.

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