Edgewater Pool Removal

Edgewater Pool Removal

Another one of our recent projects was an in-ground pool removal located in Edgewater, Maryland. The pool had a small vinyl liner with lots of concrete retaining walls and brickwork that needed to be removed. The homeowners were anxious to remove the pool as the concrete decking and the pool itself took up the entire backyard. Ultimately, the homeowners decided to contact Carroll Bros. Contracting to remove their pool and add space to their backyard permanently.


Edgewater Before

The unused pool was in disrepair and took up too much space in the yard. This prompted the homeowners to make the final decision to remove the pool.

The Final Product

The first step in removing the pool was to drain the remaining water out of the pool and remove the vinyl lining. Then, we broke up the concrete retaining walls and brickwork surrounding the pool. We then hauled away all of the materials. After that, we regraded the yard and filled in the excess space with topsoil. The homeowners also chose not to waste any time and re-grew their lawn immediately. The results of the project display a spacious yard for the homeowners to design however they see fit.

Edgewater pool removal After

The homeowners are pleased to have a vast, open backyard space that is no longer overwhelmed by a dilapidated swimming pool.

If you are looking to demo your pool, make sure to call a professional pool removal company. It might seem like a simple task to destroy and in-fill a pool. If not done properly, you could destroy your property. In fact, we have seen things like sinkholes, or not having the yard regraded (which can lead to flooding of the yard or house). Contact us today if you would like to learn more or get a free estimate on removing your pool.

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