Ellicott City Pool Removal

Ellicott City Pool Removal

This home is located in Ellicott City, Maryland. The owners of the home contacted Carroll Bros. Contracting to remove their concrete swimming pool. Because the property owners lived out of the country and rented the house out, they no longer wanted the liability of their Ellicott City pool. Therefore, the homeowners decided that the best course of action was to remove the pool entirely. As shown below, the results of the Ellicott City pool removal transformed the look and feel of the home.


Ellicott City Pool Before

The homeowners were prepared to remove their backyard swimming pool, as they were not around to enjoy it and did not want the renters to deal with the maintenance.


Once the homeowners contacted us for help, we found that the best course of action was to demolish and fill in the pool. The first step in removing the pool was to drain the remaining water out of the pool. Then, we broke up the concrete surrounding the pool and hauled away all of the materials. We then regraded the yard and filled in the excess space with topsoil. As the grass begins to grow in, the homeowners will be free to decorate and design the yard however they see fit. They now have a beautiful, spacious backyard that they can be proud of.

Ellicott City Pool After 1

As a result of the pool removal, the homeowners no longer have to worry about the liability of having a pool while renting out the house.

Ellicott City Pool After 2

If you are looking to demo your pool, make sure to call a professional pool removal company. It might seem like a simple task to destroy and in-fill a pool. If not done properly, you could destroy your property. In fact, we have seen things like sinkholes, or not having the yard regraded (which can lead to flooding of the yard or house). Contact us today if you would like to learn more or get a free estimate on removing your pool.

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