Inground Pool Removal in Centerville, MD

Inground Pool Removal in Centerville

Phase I

This project, an inground pool removal in Centerville, Maryland, was located on a farm that has been in the homeowner’s family for decades. The pool on the property was installed by on of the family members over 40 years ago. In addition to the age of the pool, years later the pool was repaired by pouring more concrete on top of the existing structure.

Before Image of Inground Pool Removal in Centerville, MD

This inground pool removal in Centerville, MD was in interesting in that we essentially removed two pools!

The current family members did want to have a pool, but instead of fixing a band-aid on the band-aid, they decided to remove the entire pool and install a brand new one. They contacted Carroll Bros. Contracting and we formulated a plan. First, we broke up all the existing concrete and hauled it away. After that, we had to remove all the steel rebar that created the framework for the structure. The team then hauled all of the debris off-site. Like on all of our pool removal jobs, we try to recycle as much of the materials as possible.

Phase II

The second phase of the project was preparing for the new inground pool. We received the specs for the new structure. Lastly, after digging the new opening we then reinforced it to prevent collapse, while waiting for the third phase of the project.  Due to the extent of the project, the excavation took just a few days, and the entire project a couple of weeks.

Inground Pool Removal in Centerville, MD Excavation for new pool

The second phase of this Inground Pool Removal in Centerville, MD was to excavate for a new inground pool.

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