Owings Mills Swimming Pool Removal

Owings Mills Swimming Pool Removal

This swimming pool was over 40 years old and was beyond repair so the homeowners contacted Carroll Bros Contracting to remove it. For this Owings Mills swimming pool removal, our team arrived on location to assess the situation and formulate a strategy. The homeowners requested, in addition to the pool, an old concrete patio and a portion of the fencing be removed.

Owings Mills pool removal assessment

Once we arrive on site we assess the situation to formulate the best plan for the project.

This is the patio the homeowner also requested be removed. Notice how we carefully manipulate through the yard, so as to not destroy any unnecessary portion of the yard.

Owings Mills Pool Removal

The size of the yard does not matter. We can maneuver our equipment through the tightest space with the least impact to your yard.

Owings Mills swimming Pool removal finished

Once we regrade the yard, you have a blank canvas to create the perfect outdoor living space.

Once the pool is broken up and all the debris removed and recycled, we then proceed to fill in and regrade. Our team uses an equipment attachment called a Harley Rake. Not all contractors will complete this step using this attachment. However, we favor the resulting smoother final grade. We feel it allows for the grass seed to germinate and grow better.

Owings Mills swimming pool removal straw and seed

Once the yard is regraded we always make sure to lay seed and straw to promote grass growth and prevent erosion.

We Can Help!

This Owings Mills pool removal is a case we see a lot. A very old pool in major disrepair that has become a bit of an eyesore for the homeowner. Usually fixing it is way too costly, especially because no one is really interested in using the pool.

Sound familiar to you? Contact Carroll Bros. Contracting today. We can help you get your yard back and create a beautiful outdoor living space you will be excited to use.

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