Pool Removal in Annapolis, Maryland

This pool removal in Annapolis, Maryland presented many problems. The pool was over 30 years old and located in a yard that  is heavily wooded.  Additionally, the pool is located on a very steep slope, and took up almost the entire scope of the yard, making access challenging. The pool was dilapidated and unused for many years. The homeowners were desperate to get their yard back!

They contacted Carroll Bros. Contracting for a consultation and together we formulated a plan for the project to include:

  • removing the cedar decking
  • break up the walls
  • remove any unnecessary debris that cannot be used for fill
  • fill in the hole and regrade the pool
Annapolis Pool Removal

This pool removal in Annapolis Maryland presented special Issues, but Carrol Bros. Contracting formulated a perfect solution.

Carroll Bros. Contracting was more than up for tackling the challenge. We always figure out the best strategy to access the yard while promising to be the least invasive.  Our experienced and resourceful team can also present an excellent solution and hopefully use what is available.

In this instance, we are able to salvage the raised beam section of the pool which included a rock wall. This allows for an already existing and effective structure to be repurposed into a retaining wall. The result is a yard that is regraded, grass seed and hay laid down, further protecting the yard from excessive erosion.

Annapolis pool removal

We are able to utilize the pool’s stone wall to create a functional retaining wall.

If you have a project that is similar to this pool removal in Annapolis, Maryland and seems to present a special issue, please contact Carroll Bros. Contracting. We have many years of experience, making us the leader in the pool removal industry. You can trust that we will get the job done right!

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