Rockville Pool Removal

Rockville Pool Removal

Another one of our recent projects was an in-ground pool removal located in Rockville, Maryland. The homeowners had only lived in the house for about two years when they decided that it was time to remove their backyard pool. The pool was in rough shape and needed a great deal of work, as it was built in the 1960s. Also, the pool was located in a heavily wooded area which made it very difficult to keep clean. Most importantly, the homeowners have small children, and a pool simply did not accommodate their lifestyle. So, the family contacted Carroll Bros. Contracting, and we formulated a plan for the pool removal.


Rockville Before Photo

Initially, the backyard was overwhelmed by an old, dilapidated pool. The homeowners were ready to rid themselves of the stress of owning an unused pool.


Once the homeowners contacted us for help, we found that the best course of action for this project was to demolish and fill in the pool. Ultimately, the homeowners opted to keep the concrete pavers to serve as a backyard patio area. Doing so helped to further maintain the appeal of the backyard. After hauling away the pool materials and concrete, we laid down sod instead of seed and straw. The final results of the project are quite stunning, and the homeowners now have a beautiful, spacious backyard that they can be proud of.

Rockville After Photo

The final result of the project is a spacious, attractive backyard that is suitable to the needs of the whole family.

If you are looking to demo your pool, make sure to call a professional pool removal company. It might seem like a simple task to destroy and in-fill a pool. Yet, if not done properly, you could destroy your property. In fact, we have seen things like sinkholes, or not having the yard regraded (which can lead to flooding of the yard or house). Contact us today if you would like to learn more or get a free estimate on removing your pool.

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