Rosedale Pool Removal

Rosedale Pool Removal

Our most recent project was a pool removal in Rosedale, Baltimore County. The walls of the pool were failing because of groundwater issues on the property, and the cost to repair the pool was too significant for the homeowner. Thus, it ended up making more sense for the homeowners to remove the vinyl liner pool, which ended up being far less expensive. So, they called upon Carroll Brothers Contracting to formulate a plan to remove their swimming pool.


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The cost of removing the pool was much more affordable than repairing it. So, the homeowners decided to take the next step in eliminating the pool from their backyard.


The first step in the Rosedale pool removal was to peel off and remove the vinyl liner. Then, we removed the whole structure of the swimming pool walls, as well as the slide and the surrounding concrete pavers. After that, we hauled away all of the old materials and recycled the reusable objects. We then regraded the yard and filled in the excess space with topsoil. The results of the pool removal display a rejuvenated, spacious backyard for the homeowners to design however they see fit.


With the removal of the pool, the new backyard has transformed into what looks like a new home. The homeowners now have the fresh start they were hoping for.

If you are looking to demo your pool, make sure to call a professional pool removal company. It might seem like a simple task to destroy and in-fill a swimming pool. But, if not done correctly, you could ruin your property. In fact, we have seen things like sinkholes, or not having the yard regraded. Contact us today if you would like to learn more or get a free estimate for a pool removal.

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