Top 10 Reasons to Remove Your Swimming Pool

1. The kids have grown up, moved out, and no one uses it.

This is a common tale. For years, the family uses the pool, but as the kids grow and head off to college, they to begin their lives, the pool is used less and less. The pool begins to deteriorate, and parts break one by one. It just isn’t worth spending the money when no one is around to enjoy the pool.

2. The remodeling costs are not justifiable.

Maybe the pool deck needs resurfacing, or old wooden planks are rotten. It is possible the concrete in the pool needs to be resurfaced or tiles are broken. These services are often expensive. Depending on how the pool is used, you may not be able to justify a redesign or the investment in a new look to your existing pool, deck, or landscaping.

3. The pool requires more than a facelift.

Replacing tile is one thing but once there is a crack in the pool, or parts begin to leak the repair costs and scope of the project may be too substantial to consider. This is the point it may be time to discuss removing the pool and repurposing your yard.

4. You are moving out and renting the property, and it is a liability.

The insurance required for your property is higher when you have a pool in your yard. If you are considering renting your property, the insurance, and legal liabilities may just be too steep to handle. It is important to weigh the negatives vs. benefits.

5. You just bought the house and it already had a pool.

It may have taken a while to find your dream house, and the only negative is the pool in the backyard. The cost to remove the pool can be absorbed into your new home repair and remodeling budget. Or you it is just more affordable to get rid of it than to keep it.

6. The pool takes up the whole yard, and there is nowhere for entertaining.

If your pool almost the size of your yard, it limits how you can use your yard. Not only can you not utilize the space for alternate activities in the summer, once the pool is closed for the season, there is also really no other way to use the yard in the spring, fall, or winter.

7. You want to put on a home addition and the pool is in the way.

Depending on the location of the pool on your property, if you are considering an addition, if it is in the way it must be removed to proceed. This is a situation where the entire pool structure must be removed for the project to pass inspection. It is important to get an expert to remove the pool so it is structurally sound to build on.

8. The maintenance costs are becoming too high.

The yearly cost of opening the pool and maintaining it throughout the season combined with the closing costs may just be too steep. This is the point to compare these costs, getting rid of it is cheaper. Also, you get your yard back.

9. You want to make your home more energy efficient, and the pool is wasting resources.

The water used to fill the pool and the energy costs to keep it running can cause a significant spike in your utility bills. If the costs do not equal the benefit, it may be time to get an estimate to have the pool removed.

10. The pool is in disrepair and becoming a safety hazard.

If your pool has not been used for quite some time, even if it is emptied, it will collect water during heavy rain and snow. This water will become stagnant over time, potentially growing bacteria and attracting pest. Any water in the pool could also pose a drowning risk to pets.

If you have any questions or concerns about if it is time to have your pool removed, contact Carroll Bros. Contracting for information, or to schedule an estimate. We provide honest estimates and are trusted in the industry. We guarantee every project.

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