Vinyl Liner Pool Removal in Arnold, Maryland

The homeowner contacted Carroll Bros. Contracting about this vinyl liner pool removal in Arnold, Maryland. The pool had fallen into disrepair and had been collecting stagnant water. Unused, inground pools can become a health and safety concern. Stagnant water attracts mosquitos, and can be dangerous for pets and children.

 Vinyl Liner Pool Removal in Arnold

This vinyl liner pool removal in Arnold was especially challenging due to the tight fit throughout the yard.

Project Details

This inground pool was constructed of galvanized steel which connected to the concrete walkway that comprised the perimeter of the pool. Therefore, to remove the pool, the walkway also needed to be broken apart. Our team tore through the liner and removed it to be recycled. We then set out to demolish the steel frame and the concrete. All of this debris was then hauled away, and the steel delivered to the recycler.

The most challenging factor for this swimming pool removal was the limited access throughout the yard. Our team delicately removed all the debris while maneuvering around an HVAC unit, a generator, and a toolshed. All of the dirt used to fill the pool then had to be relayed between two machines around the corner of the house. Once the pool was filled, we then regraded the entire yard. Finally, grass seed and hay were spread through the yard to create a clean slate and prevent erosion.

We Can Help You

If you have a pool that is disrepair and no longer being used, contact Carroll Bros. Contracting. We always handle applying and pulling all the permits, and make sure the job is completed to code. Our team is here to help you figure out how to take back your yard. There is no end to the possibilities!

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