Annapolis Stormwater Management Rain Garden

Annapolis Stormwater Management Rain Garden

No, it is not a typo, this project does feature a “Rain Garden.” It is not for growing rain, but for collecting it. Carroll Bros. Contracting installed this Annapolis stormwater management rain garden for a new home construction located on the water off of Spa Creek.

County and City Codes require proper stormwater drainage systems in conjunction with the Chesapeake Bay conservation efforts.

The first stage of the project was to dig infiltration pits on the property in an area that will draw water away from the home. We then place crushed stone with a geogrid separation and drainage pipes in the bottom of the trench. Next, the team lined the sides with fabric that is environmentally safe concerning the Bay. This system serves to collect water and drain it away from the house and into nearby waterways.

Carroll Bros. Contracting annapolis stormwater management rain garden
A specially formulated filtration soil is used to fill in the ditch. Indigenous plants are then planted to prevent erosion, and promote stormwater to collect purposely in this area.

Here’s How the Rain Garden Works

The garden is strategically placed on the property for best collection. The indigenous plants attract the water. The special soil will filter out impurities and toxins, the water is double filtered through the rocks, and then lead into the drainage pipes before spilling safely into waterways. The water is free of pollutants, therefore not harmful to the Bay.

annapolis stormwater management rain gardenAre you interested in learning more about installing a stormwater management system rain garden system? Contact Carroll Bros. Contracting. Whether you are building a new home and are legally required to install a rain garden, or if you are passionate about the effort to conserve the Bay, we can help.

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