Columbia Maryland Pool Removal

Challenging Columbia Pool Removal

Access in and around a pool removal project may not always be optimal for equipment access. This was the case in this Columbia, Maryland pool removal. The homeowners no longer used the pool and therefore had no use for it. The yearly maintenance was becoming too expensive. From purchasing chemicals to running electricity and from the filters and pumps to periodic cleaning, the cost to upkeep a used pool was just too much.


Carroll Bros. discussed with the homeowners the best ways to approach and demolish the structure, and if any of the existing shrubbery or landscaping would be affected. A plan was constructed, and the entire backyard was transformed. Once the structure was demolished and removed, it was filled in and covered up, and the yard regraded for optimal drainage. The space became like a “clean slate.” The contractors prepared and made the yard ready for a space the homeowners can now enjoy for many years. Carroll Bros. Contracting specializes in Maryland pool removal.

MHIC #87807


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