Concrete Pool Removal in Potomac Maryland

Concrete Pool Removal in Potomac Maryland

For this Concrete Pool Removal in Potomac Maryland, the homeowners who recently purchased the house had young children, and didn’t want the liability or safety hazard the pool presented. With the pool taking up the majority of their backyard, the homeowners were worried about their young children falling into the pool.

Before Concrete Pool Removal in Potomac Maryland

As you can see this backyard was all pool, and the parts of the yard that were not pool were heavily sloped leaving no play room for the homeowners young children. Lining the entire property were very large trees, making the pool a hassle to maintain as well. After purchasing the home, they home owners decided they would enjoy their back yard more with no pool and room for their young children to play.

After Concrete Pool Removal in Potomac Maryland

Once we arrived on site, we realized this was going to be a challenging project, as the pool sat on the side of a severe slope. We were able to access the project from the side yard staying on top of the slope to get the pool and patio removed. Once we filled the hole with dirt we were able to get to work regrading the yard and could use our machines in other areas of the yard where the slope was more severe. Once we finished grading, we added top soil, seed and straw. The home owners now had a safe yard for their young children to play, and they did not have to maintain a pool that was lined with tall trees making it a pain to maintain.

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