Eastport Stormwater Management System

This project is in the Eastport section of Annapolis, Maryland. Carroll Bros. Contracting was contacted for a full construction site development for new a new home. The project included installing this stormwater management system. Carroll Bros. Contracting also demolished the old home and dug the foundation for the new house. The stormwater management system is the last step in the process before structure construction begins.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Stormwater Management System

Carroll Bros. Contracting Stormwater management system

A hole is dug, then lined with a special fabric. Pipes are laid then covered in #2 stone. All of this is covered in topsoil, and the yard is regraded. The purpose of the stormwater drainage system is to avoid a flood of the property during summer storms and winter snow. All of the water is collected from downspouts from the house and garage and directed into the pipes leading to the drainage system. This alleviates large amounts of water from collecting on the property, possibly causing flooding in the home.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Stormwater Management System in Eastport, MD

Stormwater management system


Installation of a Stormwater Management System is now required for all new construction to comply with city ordinances.

Carroll Bros. Contracting stormwater management system

Final stages of stormwater management


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