Elkridge Inground Pool Removal

Elkridge Inground Pool Removal

The homeowners of this property in Elkridge, located in Howard County, Maryland were seeking an inground pool removal. They contacted us because the pool was in dire need of costly repairs. Their children were grown and were no longer using the pool, so the residents realized these costs were unwarranted. The homeowners also wished to have full use of their yard once again.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Elkridge inground pool removal

Elkridge inground pool removal

Upon arriving on site, we discovered an in-ground vinyl liner pool, surrounded by a concrete walkway. The pool water was tested and deemed environmentally safe, so we were able to drain the pool easily. We proceeded to break up the concrete and then removed the galvanized steel in-ground pool frame. The concrete under the deck was still in great shape, so it was decided to keep it intact.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Elkridge Inground Pool Removal After Shot

Elkridge inground pool removal

Once all the steel debris was removed, we then filled the remaining hole. The walkway concrete was utilized, and all dirt that was used was from on the site. There was no need to import any fill materials, which helped to save the homeowner money.

The yard was then re-graded for proper drainage and stabilized by planting grass seed. The results were a clutter-free space. The new lawn will open up a broad range of possibilities to the homeowner, creating a whole new outdoor living space. The entire project was completed in a few days.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Elkridge inground pool removal results

Completion of inground pool removal

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