Ellicott City Retaining Wall Project

This 160-year-old countryside home was located downhill on the property. Due to lack of proper rain and snow drainage, erosion was causing the hillside to wear away, threatening collapse. Whenever it rained or after a significant snow fall water would rush downhill and collect around the foundation of the home. This slope created issues with leaking and water always gathered in the basement.

The property did have retaining walls. However, they were constructed of wood and badly decomposed and in need of major repair.

The homeowners contacted Carroll Bros. Contracting, and we formulated a strategy to install proper drainage, rebuild the retaining walls and terrace the yard.

The first stage of the project was to install a 24-inch inlet box in the driveway. This was the first step to controlling stormwater to divert water away from the house.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Elliott City Retaining Wall Project

Ellicott City Retaining Wall Project drainage inlet box installation.

We dug the trenches and connected 18 inch HDPE pipes to the inlet box. Therefore, this all served to divert the excess water to control erosion and prevent foundation leaking and basement flooding.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Elliott City Retaining Wall Project

Ellicott City Retaining Wall Project digging trenches and installing HDPE pipes.

Once we installed all the piping and buried it, in the next step of the project, we terraced the yard and built a series of three retaining walls. The terraced yard allows for the homeowners to have a level space that they can adequately utilize. Whereas before the yard was such a pitched hill, making it difficult to enjoy.

Carroll Bros. Contracting is still in the midst of this project, preparing the property for the next stage. Once we complete this phase the landscape architect will be able to design and install all the landscaping. The yard is now a practical space for entertaining, and will also protect the home from flooding.

Stay tuned for the “after shots.” We are expecting amazing results and cannot wait to show you!

If your property has a steep slope similar to this Ellicott City retaining wall project, contact Carroll Bros. Contracting for a consultation and estimate. Together we can formulate an ideal solution.




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