Glen Burnie Pool Removal

Carroll Bros. Contracting was contacted for this Glen Burnie pool removal by the owner who bought the home and was looking to upgrade it and then resell it.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Glen Burnie Pool Removal

Glen Burnie Pool removal BEFORE

The pool was an inground with a vinyl liner. The Carroll Bros. contracting team removed the liner then proceeded to break up the concrete stairs and pool deck. Once that was completed we then worked at removing the pool structure itself. The debris was hauled away and dirt was hauled in to fill the remaining hole.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Glen Burnie pool removal

Glen Burnie pool removal AFTER

The entire yard was regraded and to stabilize the land we then planted grass seed and straw. The result is an uncluttered, attractive yard that is now more appealing and functional. This makes the house more enticing to potential buyers. The entire project took only three days and the owner was extremely pleased with the outcome.

If you are interested in removing a pool to prepare a home for the real estate market, contact Carroll Bros. Contracting. Like this Glen Burnie pool removal which only took a few days, you can trust us for quick turnaround. This is advantageous as you can then concentrate on preparing the other aspects of the home for resale without delay. Call us today for a consultation!



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