Inground Pool Removal

Inground Pool Removal in Westminster, Maryland

For this inground pool removal project in Westminster, Carroll Bros. had to drill the pool to break up the concrete. The bottom of the pool was drilled up, and the side walls were broken down below the finish grade. Depending on how a homeowner intends on using the space affects how the concrete can be used.

Carroll Bros. Contracting In-Ground Pool Removal in Westminster, MD

Inground pool removal

As a homeowner you plan on building over the area, possibly an outdoor entertainment space, the pool and concrete must be completely removed. If there are no plans to build, and it is just to get back your yard or get rid of an unsightly pool, then there is no need to completely remove the pool shell. Talk with Carroll Bros. Contracting about your plans. That way, we can customize the safest strategy for your future use of the space. Keep in mind that the prior existence of the pool must always be disclosed to future homebuyers.

Carroll Bros. Contracting inground pool removal

Inground pool removal

This inground pool removal project was to take back the yard and have a finished backyard. As with every project, we always regrade for drainage, plus plant grass seed, resulting in a new space for the homeowner utilize. Carroll Bros. Contracting has many years of experience helping customers to give their yard new life. Call us today to take your yard back.

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