Gunite Pool Removal in Clinton Maryland

Recently Carroll Bros. Contracting was contacted for a Gunite Pool Removal in Clinton Maryland.   This removal was done during a real estate transaction, the buyer really wanted the house but did not want the pool or the maintenance associated with it.   The seller contacted Carroll Bros. Contracting and we began and finished the work before the real estate transaction was complete.

This pool was on a severely sloped backyard, and was a Gunite style pool (shaped with rebar framework and then sprayed with concrete/sand mixture), meaning the pool was irregularly shaped to fit the back yard.   The pool over the years stayed in place as the shape of the ground surrounding it changed, leaving this pool protruding from the ground on the sloped side.   Carroll Bros. Contracting came in, removed the pool, Rebar, concrete and surrounding patio so that the buyer could have the backyard they wanted with the purchase of their new house.

Before Gunite Pool Removal in Clinton Maryland

Before Gunite Pool Removal Clinton Maryland

Severely Sloped Gunite Pool Removal in Clinton Maryland

After Gunite Pool Removal in Clinton Maryland

Once Carroll Bros Contracting was able to get the Concrete, Patio and Rebar out of the ground and cleaned up; we were then able to fill the hole with dirt, topsoil, straw and seed all while matching the grade of the sloped back yard perfectly.   Now the real estate deal could continue on as planned, as the buyer now had exactly what they wanted, their dream home with a large back yard.   Pools are great and for many they are a great selling point to a home, however; like this buyer and many others, pools are not always a selling point and come with a lot of maintenance.

Gunite Pool Removal in Clinton Maryland

After we removed this Gunite Pool in Clinton Maryland the real estate deal to sell this house was able to be finalized

If you have an in-ground pool that your family has outgrown or has fallen into disrepair, call Carroll Bros. Contracting and Pool Removal. Our team will evaluate your situation and offer a fair estimate. Most importantly, you can trust us to work efficiently and quickly. That way, you can reclaim your backyard space. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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