Large Pool Removal in North Baltimore

North Baltimore County, Large Pool Removal

When they needed a large pool removed from their North Baltimore County property, the homeowners called Carroll Bros. Contracting for the task. The pool was one of the largest projects around, given the property was much bigger than most in communities throughout Maryland. The inground swimming pool was 12-15 feet deep toward one end. The homeowners found no reason to keep the large pool as no one had used it in years. They were seeking a more practical way to repurpose their large yard.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Large Pool Removal

The pool was not being used and was massive! It was 12-15 feet deep at its deepest end.

The demolition involved using an excavator with a hammer attachment to break up the pool and the surrounding walkway. Some of the excess concrete, as well as accessories like the diving board, were removed. The excavation team then began the task of filling in the enormous hole. The yard was regraded for proper drainage and grass replanted to help alleviate runoff. The homeowners were extremely pleased with the result and planned to enjoy their backyard for many years to come. Large pool removal or small, Carroll Bros. does it all. Contact us today for a consultation.

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