Overgrown Backyard Pool Removal

Difficult and Hidden Backyard Pool Removal

Carroll Bros. Contracting Backyard Pool Removal Before

The pool was hard to get to due to excessive overgrowth.

This inground pool removal in Glen Burnie, Maryland, was one of the most challenging for Carroll Bros. Contracting, due to the excessive overgrowth of vegetation. Our contractors first had to gain access to the yard by removing a large amount of the overgrowth.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Backyard Pool Removal During

The pool removal couldn’t be started until the vegetation was removed and pool was drained.

We then needed to use pumps to drain the excess stagnant water from the inground pool. After that, our excavation team was able to begin the process of breaking up the structure. Once the pool was demolished, the gap was filled in, and the dirt compacted. The yard was then regraded, resulting in a totally transformed “green space.”

Carroll Bros. Contracting Backyard Pool Removal After Shot

The removal of the pool not only made the backyard bigger but much safer.

Carroll Bros. Contracting is confident that there is no challenge our inground pool removal team cannot solve. We guarantee our services to be the best. Contact us today for a consultation.

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