Pool Removal Saves Money

Pool Removal Saves Money

The cost of yearly pool maintenance could be computed by taking 10 percent of the initial cost of the pool installation, then dividing it by 12. So, if your pool was a $30,000 investment, the average monthly cost of maintaining your pool would be approximately $250.

This cost would cover the basic cost of chemicals, electricity, and regular service and upkeep. This cost does not take into consideration any special issues, such as having to repair or replace any of the parts such as the liner, pump, or heater, or maintenance in extreme weather conditions.

Chlorine, which keeps your pool from turning green and the water safe, dissipates in direct sunlight. During an extremely hot and sunny period, your chemical levels can drop in as little as two to three days. Algae breeds much quicker in 100-degree weather as opposed to a 60 degree day. If you don’t take care of your pool for as little as 2-3 weeks, it will turn green. Plus, in the event of heavy rains, it can turn your pool green in 24 to 48 hours. And that green is more than just algae — it can contain E. coli and other bacteria.

A pool pump can consume up to half of a home’s entire energy output. There are now more energy-efficient models on the market, but if your pump is an older model, it will drive up your energy costs. If you have a hot tub or pool heater, these costs will increase.

Another hidden cost is increased home owner’s insurance premiums. Many companies see owning a pool as a danger and a liability. They may also require you to install certain kinds of enclosures and safety gates, before even qualifying your insurance.

If you don’t maintain your pool properly, you could cut the lifespan in half. Or, if you don’t maintain it at all, you could cut it down to a quarter. Pool removal can cheaper than repairing and maintaining. This could be quite an attractive savings, especially if you are not really using the pool.

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