Removing a Pool in Tight Quarters

Removing a Pool is a Small Backyard

Removing a pool isn’t just something any ol’ Joe can do. It takes experts and years of knowledge to do it so it doesn’t have long-term damage to the property or homeowners. For this pool removal, it was a test to the resourcefulness and expertise of the Carroll Bros. team. They were contracted to remove a pool in Columbia, Maryland that had extremely limited access for excavation. With a strategy and proper equipment the pool removal team is always fully capable of meeting a most intricate needs; big or small. This was no exception.

Carroll Bros. Contracting removing a pool in small backyard

The fence line was very close to the pool.

“There has never been a pool I couldn’t do,” remarks owner/operator of Carroll Bros. Contracting.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Removing a Pool in MD

The close quarters made it harder to maneuver our equipment but with strategy we made it work.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Removing a Pool in Tight Quarters Maryland

There was also an existing shed we had to compete with space for, no sheds were damaged in the removal of this pool.

After removing the pool, yard was completely regraded for optimal drainage, allowing the homeowners to repurpose their property in a more useful way. Even if you think your space is too challenging to access, or your pool removal too difficult a task, please contact Carroll Bros. Contracting. We guarantee to work with you to resolve any excavation challenges.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Removing a Pool in a Tight Quarters Location

Due to the fence line being so close, we had to work over the backside of the fence.

Since 2002, Carroll Bros. Contracting has been providing swimming pool removal, excavation, grading, and demolition services to the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding areas. Call us today.

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