Swimming Pool Removal in Bowie, MD

Regulated In-Ground Swimming Pool Removal

This property in Bowie, Maryland needed an inground swimming pool removed due to county environmental regulations regarding stagnant water. The regulation deemed the standing water in the swimming pool environment unsafe for the community. Due to the water being so large and stagnant for such a long period of time, it was required to be removed for its potential breeding ground for excessive mosquitos. It can also harbor other pests and bacteria. Wishing to comply with regulations, the homeowners called Carroll Bros. Contracting to drain and remove the swimming pool.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Pool Removal in Bowie

Draining Water and Breaking Up Concrete

The first step is to always drain the swimming pool, which causes it to break. To make sure the ground remain safe, the structure must be broken up and filled in with dirt. If any water were to seep in under the pool, it would create hydraulic pressure, which would potentially lift the entire structure out of the ground, creating an even more hazardous area on the property.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Swimming Pool Removal in Bowie MD

Draining the pool creates pressure and actually pushes the concrete upward.

An excavator with a hammer attachment was used to break up the concrete. A bulldozer then will bring in dirt and mix it with the broken concrete, which is packed down in layers. This creates a safe environment for the homeowners and the surrounding community.

Carroll Bros. Contracting Pool Removal in Bowie MD

Filling in the Swimming Pool

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