Top 5 Trending Backyard Ideas

No Pool? No Problem – What Else You Can Do With Your Yard

Many times people remove their pools due to overall costs to maintain a pool, but very often it is because their family has outgrown the need for one. Instead, they rather take back their yard and use it as an extended living space. So, whether you are looking for the ultimate entertaining area or the perfect sanctuary for you after a long day at work, here are the top 6 trending backyard ideas to inspire your new backyard.

1. Cooking/Dining al Fresco

Love grilling? This is the idea for you and takes your backyard grilling to the next level. Consider a built-in grill or smoker. With this, you can also create an inviting and elegant dining space. Nothing is more relaxing than dinner or brunch on the deck or in the backyard, especially after a crazy day or hectic week.

2. Outdoor Living RoomsBackyard

Probably the most popular of trends is the backyard living room. Using weather resistant, outdoor furniture helps create this environment. Many range from wicker sets to sectionals. You will find a variety of end tables and coffee tables as a perfect accent to the furniture. All the elements, and very often even a roof. There are ways to get creative with this from pergolas to covered patios. They even have shade sails that offer a creative artistic look.

3. Lightscaping

Lighting is important, no matter what you are deciding to do with your backyard. Luckily with the options these days, it can be both functional and fun. Consider stringing eco-friendly LED lights along fences, underneath umbrellas and pergolas, and outlining your fence or walkways. The result is an inviting soft ambiance that allows you to use your backyard into the evening.

4. Bring the BonfireFire Pit

Not just for roasting marshmallows! A fire pit holds the potential for tons of adult fun. It will serve to keep everyone warm on chilly evenings and create a relaxing atmosphere. There are plenty of easy DIY firepit projects, or you can pick one up at your local garden store. This summer create many cherished family memories as you sit around the firepit, laughing and telling stories.

5. Colorful Accessories

In the end, your backyard should reflect your personality. Use chair and lounge cushions in coordinating prints and colors. Place citronella candles, which have the added benefit of natural mosquito repellant, or string up fun themed shaped lights. Whimsical sculptures will add a unique finishing touch. There are outdoor rugs available in a variety of colors and patterns too. Colorful planters could also be an interesting way to display flowers, herbs or vegetables.

When it comes to taking back your yard, the sky’s the limit for ideas to transform your space. Use all these backyard ideas, or just one or two, and you will see how inviting your backyard can be. If you have an older inground swimming pool that is in disrepair, contact Carrol Bros. Contracting today.

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