Fallston Swimming Pool Removal

Fallston Swimming Pool Removal

These new homeowners found out, like so many swimming pool owners, the needed repairs were too much. Depending on the type of pool you have, inground or above ground, repair costs can vary. Our customers tend to have inground, vinyl liner swimming pools. Tears, popped bead and sun aging are the most common issues with swimming pools of this kind. This Fallston swimming pool was no different.

To give you an idea, rips or snags in a vinyl liner can run a homeowner anywhere between $200 and $1,700 for a professional to come fix. This can increase for concrete pools or fiberglass liners, depending on the type of damage. Coupled with these Fallston homeowners having two small children, they decided to remove their pool.

Before Pool Removal


Fallston Swimming Pool Removal Before

First, we had to drain the murky water to begin this pool removal in Fallston, MD.

In this case, it wasn’t just money but the safety of their children, that ultimately led to their choice to remove the pool. It is important to note that there are specific requirements, permits and safety standards that need to be met for residential swimming pools. From barrier requirements to access gates, this can also be an added costs to maintain a pool.

As you can see in the after image, we were able to remove the barrier to give the yard, even more, space. The difference is stunning. The pool being removed give a safe, big backyard for their children to play. They may decide to put back up a fence or other trending backyard transformations. No matter what, they got their yard back and are very happy with the results.

After Pool Removal

Fallston Swimming Pool Removal After

It is almost like a new yard! The homeowners of this pool removal in Fallston, MD now have a beautiful outdoor space.

If you are interested in having your yard back for entertaining or just to save money, contact Carroll Bros. Contracting today. We specialize in removing, filling, and regrading so you have the yard of your dreams.

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